Welcome to our new PhD student, Kaitlin, and our new post docs, Yang and Nick!


Congratulations to Charley for wining a DoD graudate student Fellowship!


Welcome to our new PhD student, Jack!

Unfortortunately, all of the seminars have been rescheduled and canclled until further notice. We hope that you stay safe and healthy.

Congratulations to Dr. Yikai Wang for his new position at Albemarle Corp!

Virtual meeting we are attending:

37th Annual International Battery Seminar & Exhibit Virtual Meeting (https://ald2020.avs.org/)

AVS 20th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2020) (https://www.internationalbatteryseminar.com/)

2020 MRS Spring & Fall Meeting & Exhibit Presented Jointly (https://www.mrs.org/meetings-events/fall-meetings-exhibits/2020-mrs-spri...)


The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 Stanley Whittingham (left, Ph.D advisor), John Goodenough and Akira Yoshino (right) Credit: Binghamton University/UT Austin/The Japan Prize

For their Contribution to the evolution of the kind of lightweight, rechargeable batteries that power today’s mobile phones and other portable electronic devices — and make “possible a fossil fuel-free society”.

Nobel prize


Dr. Kang Xu visited our lab and gave a seminar at Paul M Randy Department of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yue Qi visited our lab and gave a seminar at Mechanical Engineering:

Yue Qi vistied CU Boulder

Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham visited our lab and gave a seminar at RASEI: