Each semester, the American Politics Research Lab hosts a Colloquium Series of speakers on campus, as well as a Works-in-Progress Series. The Colloqium Series consists of lectures given by a wide variety of graduate students and professors from the political science department and other political science departments across the country. The Works-in-Progress Series provides graduate students and faculty in the department the opportunity to showcase developing research ideas, collaborate on projects, and to discuss and receive feedback on evolving work. 

Working paper series

  • September 9th: 
    • Speaker: Alexander Jensen and Anand Sokhey
      • Title: TBA
    • Speaker: Courtney Nava
      • Title: The Effect of Racial Priming on White Support of Black Civil Liberty Expression
  • September 23rd:
    • Speaker: Komal Kaur and Damon C. Roberts
      • Title: Double jeopardy: Explaining the cause of the gender gap in Whites' in-group racial attitudes
  • October 7th:
    • Speaker: TBA
    • Title: TBA
  • October 21st:
    • Speaker: Paul Djupe 
      • Title: TBA
  • November 4th:
    • Speaker: TBA
    • Title: TBA
  • November 18th:
    • Speaker: John Griffin
      • Title: What Do Americans Think that it Means to Lead?
  • December 2nd:
    • Speaker: TBA
      • Title: TBA

Colloquium series

  • Matt Hitt (Colorado State University) - Title: TBA
    • Date and Location: TBA

2022 Front Range Political Science Association mini-conference

The American Politics Research Lab hosted the 2nd Front Range Political Science Association mini-conference on July 13th, 2022. The conference gathered political scientists across Colorado's front range and represented scholars from 4 universities where they had the opportunity to give and recieve feedback on eachother's research. 

FRAPSA posterFRAPSA participantsFRAPSA participants 2