The American Politics Research Lab (APRL) supports basic research, educational activities, and public engagement on issues related to American politics. Lab faculty, student fellows, and affiliates pursue scholarly activities over a broad range of topics, utilizing a wide variety of research methodologies and analysis. Current lab projects include research on political behavior, state and local politics, and political agendas and recurring legislation in the U.S. Congress. The Lab is also home to the annual Colorado Political Climate survey. APRL hosts a seminar series that includes talks by lab associates as well as distinguished scholars doing work related to the study of American politics.

Click here to view the initial topline report for the 2020 Colorado Political Climate survey

Upcoming Speakers

Lab Meeting

  • Damon Roberts (University of Colorado Boulder) and Jack Thompson (University of Exeter) - Title (Tentative): Cancel Culture: An ideological rationalization for racism?
    • Date and Location: Friday, October 15th. Ketchum Arts & Sciences, 382

Colloquium Series

  • Matt Hitt (Colorado State University) - Title: TBA
    • Date and Location: TBA



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