Research scope:monitoring
  • Address deficiencies of standard monitoring of development programs through surveys that are unreliable and often result in over-reporting
  • Instrumented monitoring can provide objective data points
  • Monitoring used for EcoZoom high efficiency stoves and LifeStraw Family Water Filter
  • Portland State University
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • DelAgua Rwanda Ltd.
  • Christina Barstow
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Research scope:

  • Develop innovative toilet concept that is waterless, off-grid, affordable and creates useful products out of human waste.
  • Built a Phase I research prototype to present at the World Toilet Fair in New Delhi, India in 2014.
  • Sol-Char Toilet uses concentrated solar power transmitted through fiberoptic cables to convert human waste to char, a benign, odorless, charcoal-like product that can be used as solid fuel or fertilizer.

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Learn more: Solchar Toilet

Research scope: POU
  • Provide reliable, clean drinking water using UV disinfection while creating local business opportunities for manufacturing, marketing, and maintaining the systems. 
  • Prototype developed and tested using simple construction techniques and materials widely available in developing communities.
  • Needs further testing, market study, feasibility test and business model, field testing.
Funded by:
  • Christina Barstow
  • Aaron Dotson
  • Sonya Milonova

Research scope:wtp
  • Evaluation of Community Water Treatment Plants (pictured) and Point-of-Use Sawyer Filters in Amazon communities
  • Chemical and operational water treatment optimization
  • Water treatment plant operator training
  • Water quality testing
  • 22 graduate students participated over four year project

Funded by:

  • National Science Foundation International Research Experiences for Students (NSF-IRES)