Open to CU Boulder Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Students on the 2015 Global Seminar to IstanbulThe Global Initiatives Fund provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students engaging one of the Program’s core values, a global experience. The Global Initiatives Fund supports study abroad activities, global seminars, language programs, research abroad, and other activities in places like Israel, Turkey, Germany, Scotland, and elsewhere related to educational activities in Jewish Studies.




Undergraduate Submission Guidelines:

Undergraduate students planning on participating in a CU Education Abroad program and pursue Jewish Studies abroad may be eligible for this scholarship. Students will apply through Education Abroad's Buffs Abroad Scholarship (not through CU Boulder's Scholarship Application). The undergraduate scholarship is awarded on a rolling basis. If you have questions, please contact or contact Stephanie Pund, Education Abroad Program Manager, at or 303-492-2976.

Graduate Submission Guidelines:

Graduate students apply for this scholarship in the Spring. Applications should be submitted through CU Boulder's Scholarship Application in Buff Portal by the deadline and include the following information:

  • CV
  • a statement of purpose of up to 500 words addressing how the research abroad or non-CU language study program in question supports studies at CU Boulder and Jewish Studies
  • an estimated budget (including expenses and revenues), and the total financial request, including information on additional funding sources applied for or pending
  • a letter of support from an advisor or other faculty member.
    • In the electronic application, applicants will enter the name and email of their recommender, who will receive an automated email request and link to submit their letter. Please request your letter from your recommender in advance. Recommendation letters must be received by the deadline.

Graduate Submission Deadline:

Awarded on a Rolling Basis.