Headshot of Rona Schank
Jewish Studies

 Office: University Club 217
Office hours: Wednesday by appointment

Lecturer in Hebrew Language


Beginning Modern Hebrew I & II (HEBR 1010/1020), Third Year Hebrew I & II (HEBR 3010/3020)

About Rona Schank:

Rona was born and raised in Israel and has a wide and diverse range of teaching experiences. She began teaching as an instructor in Israeli youth groups and in the Israeli army in 2002. She graduated Cum Laude from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem majoring in Law and Psychology. Combining these two fields, in the years 2014-2018 Rona worked as a family law attorney and as a court-appointed advocate for at-risk youth. She also worked for many years as a teaching assistant and conducted research on family and criminal law. Rona volunteered to help underprivileged families in legal, social and financial aspects and believes that strong communities genuinely make the world a better place. Rona moved to Boulder in 2018 and has a passion for both Hebrew and the Israeli culture.