Maggie Rosenau
Communication and Project Administrator • Project Manager for Jews of Color: Histories and Futures
Jewish Studies

 Office: University Club A-3
M/W/F 9am – 5pm

Due to COVID-19, I am working remotely but can be reached anytime via email.


Maggie (they/she) serves part-time at the Program in Jewish Studies as Communications Admin as well as Project Manager for Jews of Color: Histories and Futures. They have a strong background in university teaching, curation, instructional design, project management, academic care work, disability studies, and digital accessibility. Maggie received their Ph.D. in German Studies from CU Boulder, where they also earned a professional certification in Museum Studies. 

Additional roles in the CU-system include Learning Design Expert and Language Instructor at ALTEC. At CU Denver, Maggie is adjunct Lecturer of German. They are also a member of the DDGC Mutual Aid Action GroupMaggie has a working class, refugee/immigrant family background, and is proud to be first gen.


Peer Reviewed Publications

With David Loner. “How to Deal with a Bully: Debility, Non-Production, and Radical Care.” Feminist Formations: Time, Urgency, and Collaboration in the Corporate University, eds Maria Stehle and Fatima El-Tayeb, Spring 2022: pp. 25–55.

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Public Scholarship

Making Spaces for Unwellness, Crip Time, and Carework: Resources and Tools for Building Accessibility and Mutual Aid in the Classroom.” Diversity, Decolonization and the German Curriculum, January 10, 2023.

With Emily Frazier-Rath. “Mutual Aid in Our German Studies Communities: Why and How to do Collective Organizing and Care Work in Academia.” Diversity, Decolonization and the German Curriculum, May 2021.

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