Published: Oct. 16, 2023

Thomas Pegelow KaplanBerghahn, New York, just published an up-dated paperback edition of Thomas Pegelow Kaplan's and Wolf Gruner (USC)'s 2020 co-edited collection "Resisting Persecution: Jews and their Petitions during the Holocaust". In her assessment, Marion Kaplan (New York University) stressed that in exploring how persecuted Jews petitioned Nazi officials—and, in some cases, Jewish leaders—for justice, rights, and mercy," the book has " initiated a thought-provoking and entirely new approach to Holocaust Studies. Challenging those who claim Jews were 'passive' victims or that only political or armed defiance can 'count' as resistance, this volume distinctly reveals that despite having far less power than the authorities, Jews demonstrated agency, protested -- even defied -- persecution, and, in some instances, succeeded."