Published: Jan. 24, 2017

Student Clara Sharfstein

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Emily Sharfstein transferred to CU Boulder from Oglethorpe University, a small liberal arts school. While Emily enjoys all of the opportunities going to a large institution provides, she loves that being a part of the Program in Jewish Studies means knowing all of her professors and staff and gives her that same small school feeling. 

Emily says that the multidisciplinary nature of a Jewish Studies degree has taught her how to look at issues from many different sides. “With every class I have taken, I have come out with a deeper personal understanding of the subject matter and a sense of 

being part of a larger learning community.” She believes that if you’re a looking for space where you will be as supported as you are challenged, celebrated, and introduced to a wealth of different ideas, then the Program in Jewish Studies is the place for you! 

For the second semester in a row, Emily is working as an intern with USA Rugby, the national governing body for rugby in the United States. By combining her experience in Jewish Studies and the internship at USA Rugby, she has begun working on a program called Kesher Rugby that will expand the sport into Jewish Community Centers day schools and summer camps. For her capstone project, Emily will work with Professor Sasha Senderovich to write the cultural and religious portion of the curriculum for this program. 

“There is no substitute for real life experience,” Emily says, ”and getting out into the real world while painting the security of a university network is an empowering opportunity.”