Published: Aug. 24, 2016
David Shneer

David Shneer had a busy summer teaching at Northwestern and the Yiddish Book Center and giving talks about Soviet photography at the Jewish Museum Amsterdam and about Yiddish cabaret at the Jewish Music Institute in London in August. He conducted research on a fellowship at the Center for Creative Photography for his upcoming book, Grief: The History of the World’s First Holocaust Liberation Photograph and the Man Who Made It. In addition, he has developed a cabaret performance related to his second book project on Yiddish music between fascism and communism with his collaborator, Jewlia Eisenberg, which will have its formal debut in Pennsylvania at Franklin and Marshall College in November.  He has also published several new articles and looks forward to launching new courses on the global history of the Holocaust and genocide, in conjunction with CU’s Mazal Holocaust Collection at the CU Libraries.