Published: May 20, 2016

Eyal RIvlinEyal Rivlin, Hebrew Language Instructor, received a CU-Engage Fellowship as part of a cohort of faculty spearheading community-based learning initiatives on campus. Professor Rivlin, who will be leading the Jewish Studies Internship during the 2016-2017 academic year, relays that the class "will be designed to create a dialogue between the Jewish textual tradition of thought/discussion/argument and the practice/meaning of civic engagement and the actual activity of civic engagement in the field. Through the study of selections from Judaism’s 3000-year-old discussion about improving (or repairing) the world, students will explore the moral, religious, legal, and intellectual spheres of Jewish thought on how communities need to be structured in order to provide the highest degree of equal opportunity and treatment for the greatest number of citizens."

Professor Rivlin also recently completed and released a musical double CD to support rites of passage work around the world, playing acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.