Published: March 30, 2016
Adi Nester1.  What is your current program of study?
I am currently in my second year of the PhD program at the department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature. I will technically be a candidate after I pass the defense section of my comprehensive exams on April 6.  I am expected to complete the dissertation in spring 2018.
2. What are your current research interests and the topic of your disseration?
I am writing my dissertation on the role of the Hebrew Bible in the works of German Jewish authors and composers. I am also currently working on two additional “side projects.”  One is the  representation of music and the body in the works of Elfriede Jelinek, on which I will be presenting a paper in the next GSA conference this September in San Diego. My second side project is German influence in the works of S. Y. Agnon, for which I have received the Center for Humanities and the Arts Second Leg Summer Fellowship.
3. How has your involvement in the Jewish Studies Graduate Colloquium impacted your work?
The Jewish Studies Graduate Colloquium has contributed immensely to my work. I have learned a lot from reading and discussing the work of my colleagues in the colloquium as well as had the opportunity to present my own work and receive valuable feedback that allowed me to improve my writing. I hope to be able to continue presenting my work there in the future, and I look forward to reading, discussing, and learning from further projects of my fellow graduate students at the Jewish Studies Program.
4. What are your post-Ph.D. plans?
After I finish my dissertation I hope to find either a post-doc or an academic teaching position. The eventual goal is finding a tenure-track position in an academic institution.
5. What would you recommend to any graduate students interested in being a part of Jewish Studies?
The Jewish Studies Program has so many fascinating events and offers wonderful opportunities for the promotion of its graduate student body. I highly recommend taking advantages of all of them! The Graduate Student Colloquium is a wonderful opportunity for students to workshop their papers in a supportive, yet highly critical, interdisciplinary environment. In addition, the program offers numerous guest lectures and talks that should not be missed!
6. What are your other recent endeavors (teaching, awards, conferences, etc)?
This semester I am teaching a recitation section of the class Fairy Tales of Germany (GRMN 2503 taught by Prof. Ann Schmiesing). This year I have presented papers at the bi-annual conference of the International Feuchtwanger Society (September 2015, Los Angeles) and the Jewish Studies Graduate Student Association conference at IU, Bloomington (February 2016). This April I will be presenting a paper at the Graduate Student Conference of the German Department at Yale University. In addition I have co-organized a panel series at the GSA (German Studies Association) titled Corpus Humanum, which will be held, as mentioned, at the next GSA conference on September 2016 in San Diego.
Awards received:
The CHA Arts and Sciences Fellowship for the year 2014-2015
The Baur-Scherer grant (GSLL)
Eaton Graduate Student Travel grant (CHA)
The CHA Second Leg Graduate Student Summer Fellowship

We wish to congratulate Adi on her excellent scholarship, and wish her luck as she completes her comprehensive exams!