Published: Dec. 11, 2015

Moshe KornfeldMoshe Kornfeld, postdoctoral fellow in Jewish studies, finished his work as lead curator for the Freedom Seder exhibit, which is now on display on the second floor of Norlin Library. At the Freedom Seder symposium, Kornfeld presented concluding remarks, reflecting on social justice seders as examples of re-enchantment. Dramatically, as the symposium presenters were discussing the splitting of the Red Sea, waters broke and Moshe’s wife gave birth soon thereafter.

At the December Association for Jewish Studies conference in Boston, Kornfeld presented as part of two different conference sessions. In the first session, focused on Jewish philanthropy, discussing how income inequality is reshaping American Judaism. In the second session, focused on Jews and the city, Kornfeld discussed Jewish youth activist identities in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Kornfeld is excited to be offering three courses next semester: “Post-Holocaust American Judaism”; “Introduction to Jewish Culture(s)”; and “Internship in Jewish Studies.”