Published: Dec. 11, 2015

Elias SacksElias Sacks, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Graduate Studies for the Program in Jewish Studies, recently spoke at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Atlanta and at a conference on “This World and the World to Come in Jewish Belief and Practice" at Creighton University. In December 2015, he spoke at a workshop at Boston University entitled "Thinking With Rabbinic Texts,” which is part of a broader initiative focused on establishing a network of specialists in Talmud and rabbinic literature on the one hand, and scholars of Jewish thought on the other, interested in collaborative projects in pedagogy and research.  

In January 2016, he will be serving as the co-chair of the annual meeting of the Society of Jewish Ethics, held concurrently with the annual meetings of the Society of Christian Ethics and the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics.  He also has articles forthcoming in several journals, including the Journal of Religious Ethics and the Journal of Jewish Ethics.