Published: Dec. 8, 2015

Nick UnderwoodCambridge University Press' Urban History, has published via Firstview (their digital, pre-print publishing method) the special section titled "Beyond the Pletzl: Jewish Urban Histories of Interwar France,” which History and Jewish Studies PhD Candidate Nick Underwood, along with Meredith Scott-Weaver and Erin Corber, produced. The section includes three articles and a group introduction featuring Nadia Malinovich. Nick's article is titled "Aron Beckerman's City of Light: writing French history and dening immigrant Jewish space in interwar Paris." The print version will be published in an issue of Urban History in 2016.

Nick also presented a paper at the Association for Jewish Studies conference in Boston, entitled "A Workers Avant-Garde: Yiddish Theatre and Transnational Jewish Culture in Interwar Paris"