Published: Jan. 21, 2015
David Coons

David Coons joins the CU Boulder community from Englewood, CO, and is a double major in Jewish Studies and Studio Art, emphasizing in Photography and Digital Art.

David is currently studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland for the Spring 2015 semester. During his study abroad, he will be taking Jewish Studies courses in the Theology and Religious Studies Program at the University of Glasgow, as well as Studio Art courses at the Glasgow School of Art. On expanding his Jewish Studies education globally, David says, "I'm excited to see how Jewish Studies is taught in another country and what perspectives will be brought to the table as there is a large population of international students in the program."

Throughout his CU career, David has been highly involved in Jewish Studies. Through the Internship in Jewish Studies course, David completed an internship with the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education in Denver, CO. He notes that this opportunity allowed him to experience working in the Jewish community and in a non-profit organization, providing him with work experience, programming and organizational skills, and professional development. David states, "The internship program connected me to the community in which I grew up, allowing me to present myself in a professional manner beyond my personal connection to the community." When asked about what drew him to Jewish Studies, David states, "As I grew up in a strong Jewish community and household, I  was always interested in Judaism, its lessons, history, people, and culture. Naturally, when I entered college, I wished to continue this connection which the Program in Jewish Studies was able to provide and nurture. In this program, I am able to take courses that allow me to immerse myself in a vast variety of topics." In addition to his involvement in Jewish Studies, David has been highly active in CU Boulder's Hillel where he served as Co-President this past year prior to going abroad.

An excellent student, this year David was nominated and selected to receive the prestigious Katherine J. Lamont Scholarship, an award presented to only 12 students in the College of Arts and Sciences each year.

For students interested in majoring or minoring in Jewish Studies, David suggests to take one of the Program's courses, many of which fulfill core requirements. "The Program in Jewish Studies provides a wide array of interesting, thought-provoking, and fun courses taught by many amazing professors from a variety of backgrounds. This diversity something that I feel is quite unique to this program."