Published: Jan. 6, 2015
Elias Sacks

Elias Sacks, Assistant Professor in Religious Studies and Director of Graduate Studies for the Program in Jewish Studies, recently spoke at the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion and Association for Jewish Studies.  His papers -- entitled "Ritual Theory and Jewish Enlightenment: Mendelssohn and Contemporary Debates" and "Exegesis Contested: Moses Mendelssohn, Nachman Krochmal, and the Reception of German-Jewish Hermeneutics" -- focused on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Jewish thought and its relevance for ongoing debates in history and religious studies.

In January 2015, Professor Sacks will speak at joint panel organized by the Society of Jewish Ethics and Society of Christian Ethics at their annual meeting, delivering a paper entitled "From Moses to Moses: Mendelssohn, Maimonides, and Law’s Promise."

He will also speak in the CU at the JCC Scholar's Series, Thursday, January 15th, on "A Living Script: Moses Mendelssohn's Modern Judaism."