Past events 

RegenerativeBIOX Conference

When: Aug. 16-17, 2018
Where: BioFrontiers Institute, Boulder, Colorado
News coverage: Conference brings experts in regenerative medicine to CU Boulder

The Precision Biomaterials IRT is thrilled to announce the RegenerativeBIOX Conference. This is BioFrontier's fourth bi-annual scientific symposium and workshop, which will be focused on the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine. The event will actively engage scientists and engineers from academia, national laboratories and industry in an event that spans a day and a half with a program that includes a symposium and interactive workshop. The primary goal of this event is to identify grand challenges and opportunities in the broad area of regenerative medicine that require convergent research approaches. 

Our 2018 event will depart from the traditional pure symposium format and instead will include a half-day symposium featuring 9 science and engineering leaders in specific areas of interest, followed by a series of working group sessions involving 100 participants from diverse fields and sectors, to discuss grand challenges and opportunities in three key domains:

  1. advances in the chemistry and processing of precision biomaterials
  2. in vitro tissue and disease models
  3. manipulating tissue regeneration and biological responses in vivo  

It is our hope that these discussions will capture a snapshot not only of where we are in these areas but, more importantly, where we are going, in a way that can be summarized in at the end of the event and then be documented in a perspective piece or review article for publication in an appropriate venue. We hope to establish distinct collaborative clusters of participants who together, have the collective interests and expertise needed to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that emerge from these discussions and can continue collaborating long after the workshop is over.

April 2018 Scientific Futures Event

When: Friday, April 6th, 3:30-5 p.m.
Where: JSCBB, Room A108
Why: Help identify high impact, collaborative research ideas. Meet new collaborators. Be part of future seed grant requests. 

The Precision Biomaterials Interdisciplinary Research Theme  will be hosting its second “Scientific Futures” event, an idea building activity, that is aimed at identifying research of high impact, but requires a collaborative effort. The goal is identify a small number of grand challenges (focused on or that use advanced Precision Biomaterials) for which there is great enthusiasm and an ability to synergize across disciplines to tackle said challenges. 

General Flow

  • Pitch (5 min. or less)
  • Discussion ("Safe Space" and encourage participation from all faculty levels)
  • Voting (Not a popularity contest, but a way to identify the challenges that garner the most collective enthusiasm). We'll vote on: 
    • Biological/Medical Importance
    • Technical feasibility
    • Time to crux