This IRT has been generously endowed by the College of Engineering and Applied Science to provide seed grants that stimulate student and faculty research. The MFM IRT currently provides the following funding opportunities:

  • Visitor hosting: up to $500
  • Conference travel for graduate students: up to $500
  • Conference travel and funding agency visit support for faculty: up to $1000
  • Conference organizing support:  Inquire with Director

All proposals must be submitted by member of the College of Engineering and Applied Science and clearly articulate the relevance to the theme "Multi-Functional Materials". Interdisciplinary ideas involving more than one faculty members are highly encouraged. Graduate students who wish for conference travel grants should identify at least one faculty advisor for the project.  Please inquire with the Director for any additional details.

Enter a title for your seed grant proposal.
Describe what you wish to accomplish. Mention how the seed grant will add to the theme, at least two faculty that are involved (at least one needs to be from this IRT), and what the requested budget is.
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