This page lists all ongoing and past projects funded by Imaging Science IRT seed grants. 

Development of a Photoacoustic Imaging System
Mark Borden

Development and Validation of Photoacoustic Contrast Agents with Nonlinear Response for Continuous Wavefront Shaping through Scattering Media
PIs: Andrew Goodwin, Jennifer Cha, Rafael Piestun

A Transformative Approach to Super-Resolution Microscopy: Fiber-Coupled Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy
PIs: Juliet Gopinath, Robert McLeod

Correlation Between Nonlinear Dispersion and Harmonic Generation in Thin Elastic Solids: An Integrated Theoretical and Experimental Approach for Enhanced NDT
Mahmoud Hussein, Mark Ablowitz

A Transformative Approach to Microscopy Imaging that Links Breakthroughs in Nanoparticles Contrast Agent Development to Innovations in Computational Optical Super-Resolution Imaging
Carol Cogswell, Stephen Becker, Won Park

Real-Time Imaging and Characterization of Advancing Anomalies in Complex Composites
PIs: Fatemah Pourahmadian, Richard Regueiro

High Definition Live 3D Deep Tissue Nonlinear Microscopic Tomography
Shu-Wei Huang, Juliet Gopinath

Soft Computational Optics
PIs: Robert McLeod, Carol Cogswell

Fourier Telescopic Imaging through Turbulence: Self-Cal vs TAFT
Kelvin Wagner, Daniel Feldkhun, Stephen Becker

3D Super-Resolution via Multiple-Scattering Waves
Rafael Piestun