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The 2018 International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely piloted Aircraft Conference (ISARRA) was held on the CU Boulder campus this week. Local and international colleagues met from July 9th - July 12th to present their atmospheric and earth science-based research.

Roger Laurence wrapped up the last conference session with his discussions of severe weather research, TTwister deployment, Mistral deployment, along with other IRISS related research.

Roger and Brian 

Brian Argrow (left) and Roger Lawrence (podium), answering questions from the audience.

IRISS is heading to San Luis Valley! 

Anticipation is high for ISARRA’s 2018 Flight Week! Following conference week, researchers are teaming up in San Luis Valley to test their UAS platforms. The crew at IRISS will be on the road heading to San Luis Valley today, and running  field tests until July 20th.

There are some performance expectations of the newly finished MURC and and Mistral Charlie for next week. 

Mistral Charlie

The flight crew testing out Mistral Charlie’s first launch.

Dan and Chris
Dan Hesselius (left) and Chris Choate (right) anticipating Mistral’s landing

Sending a special thanks to the ISARRA Conference Organizing Committee members from the University of Colorado, NCAR and NOAA: Dr. Gijs de Boer (CU/CIRES), Dr. Brian Argrow (CU), Dr. John Cassano (CU), Dr. Joseph Cione (NOAA), Dr. Eric Frew (CU), Dr. Dale Lawrence (CU), Dr. Gary Wick (NOAA), and Mr. Cory Wolff (NCAR)!

Also this week, IRISS partners with local engineering firm

IRISS is excited to have our long-time collaboration with Black Swift highlighted in Biz West today. We’re all looking forward to working with them next week at ISARRA Flight Week! 

The Black Swift Technology Partnership

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