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IRISS is routinely hiring students to fill hourly positions. Positions might include: Lab Assistants, Lab Techs, Finance positions, or Website and Social Media Editors.  

The hourly pay rates and job codes are as follows:


Job Code

Pay Range
Aug. 2022 - July 2023

Student Assistant I - Entry/Semi-Skilled

Little or no prior experience
or education required
Typically a Freshman or Sophomore 


$15.00- $21.40

Student Assistant II - Intermediate/Advanced

Some previous knowledge,
experience or education required
Typically a Sophomore or Junior


$15.00 - $23.00

Student Assistant III - Specialist/Lead

Prior experience, education or specialized skills required
Typically a Junior or Senior


$16.60 - $27.80

Student Assistant IV - Paraprofessional

Specialized knowledge or previous
experience required, or the student has
successfully demonstrated the ability
to perform the judgment and skilled
assignments representative
of his/her field of study
Typically a Senior or Grad Student  


$18.20 - $31.00


For more information about these job descriptions, please click here.


For further information and to apply please contact iriss-admin@colorado.edu.