Chris Choate Profile Pic
Aircraft Engineer / Pilot in Command
Integrated Remote and In Situ Sensing

Christopher C. works closely with IRISS and RECUV by serving as an Aircraft Engineer and Pilot in Command here at CU.

Since joining the team in 2016, he continues to manufacture and configure aircrafts in the Fabrication Lab while leading IRISS field deployments.

Listed as a Certified Flight Instructor for the University, he trains prospective pilots how to operate unmanned aircrafts. Chris helps these pilots earn a certificate to fly drones under the approval of the University of Colorado - Boulder with Initial Ground School Classes. Prior to joining IRISS, Chris was a CU - Boulder Researcher and Teaching Assistant. As a TA, he aided incoming freshmen engineering students in GEEN 1400: Freshman Projects; leading teams of engineers through CU's Integrated Technology Learning Laboratories. 

Chris recently earned his Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace and Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Department. 

" The most beautiful dream that has haunted the heart of man since Icarus is today reality." 

- Louis Bleriot