How and where do I submit a budget?

An organization administrator can request a budget in BuffConnect. Log into your organization’s BuffConnect portal and submit a budget within your accounting book after selecting the appropriate funding year.

What are the eligibility requirements for funding?


The fees may not be used in support of any organizations which systematically exclude from participation any student on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, age, gender, political affiliation and/or physical disability.


Exclusionary organizations (such as Honor societies that discriminate on the basis of GPA, academic achievement and/or class standing, fraternities, sororities or any other organizations that limit membership) may be funded only for events they sponsor which are free and open to all students. It is preferred that the event take place on campus. However, due to the circumstance of space and scheduling limitations, the organization may host an event off campus.


If an organization with required membership dues waives the membership dues for all students who are not able to afford them, then it will be deemed eligible to apply for student fees toward its operating costs, subject to the requirements in 2.3.1.A and 2.3.1.B. However, if membership dues cannot be waived, then the organization is deemed ineligible because it is not open to all students.


Competitive organizations will receive student fee monies under the agreement that secondary teams or organizations will be created for those students that do not qualify for the main team. As many organizations as possible will be created to fulfill the need, until facility space has been exhausted.


Any organizations that receive student fee monies and violate any regulations stated in 2.3.1 shall have their funding privileges evaluated based on the tier system outlined in Section 5.2, with the appropriate consequences administered.

How many budgets can my student organization submit?

There are no limits to the number of budgets a student organization may submit. Funding caps and funding board restrictions may prevent multiple budget approvals of the same category (operational, travel, event) within the same semester.

Operational: If a student organization is affiliated to a school and college government (e.g. CMSG, CMCI, ENVD, LEEDS, SBA, UCEC), the student organization will need to communicate with their affiliated government board on the number of operational budgets permitted each semester.

For SOAC operational funding (open to all student organizations eligible for funding), there is no limit on the number of budgets submitted per year. However, it is highly recommended that student organizations plan a long-term budget and submit one budget per semester or one budget per academic year for SOAC operational needs.

Events: There are no limits to the number of event budgets submitted within an academic year. Funding may be limited due to funding caps and individual funding board bylaws. 

Cultural Events Board: One event budget per semester per student organization may be submitted. 

Travel: Like event funding, there is not a limit to the number of travel budgets a student organization can submit. However, travel funding is restricted to a maximum of $3000 per year from student fee funding boards and potentially an additional $1500 from two non-student fee funding boards.

Is there a limit to the amount of funding my student organization can receive?

Travel is limited to a maximum of $5,000 per year across all student-fee funding sources.  For Operational, Events AND Travel requests you should expect the potential totals to change based on what funding boards you may be eligible for, what funding you've already requested from those boards, or even the structure of your RSO/RSGO.

Because of these nuances, student organizations should speak to their CSI Liaison about their funding needs; as they will be able to give more accurate funding expectations.

I have a large student organization, why can’t we receive more funding based on our size?

Funding boards receive a portion of student fees at the start of each year. The funding boards have a maximum funding limit set by their bylaws and student fee regulations in order to serve as many student organizations as possible. With more than 500 student organizations, the amount of funding is limited. Additional funds given to student organizations, beyond funding board caps, would deprive the opportunity for smaller student organizations to receive funding. 

If a budget does not receive the full funding requested, it is recommended that student organizations consider fundraising or crowdfunding opportunities.

Is summer funding available?

Student organizations wishing to travel in the months of June, July and August must meet with a CSI Liaison to discuss travel plans as early as March or April. Due to funding board recesses and budgetary restrictions, funding is limited for summer travel.

Is international travel funding available?

Student fee regulations do not permit funding for travel outside the United States, U.S territories, Canada or Mexico. Student organizations may consider fundraising and crowdfunding for their international travel needs.

Can I receive funding for food?

Yes. Student organizations may receive food funding for meetings and events. Food funding is very limited; generally, student organizations can receive approximately $500 in operational food per year, and approximately $500 in event funding for food per budget (excluding Cultural Events Board budgets).

Is funding available to reimburse purchases I have already made?

All purchasing must occur after a budget is fully approved. Funding boards will not approve any funds for purchases already made. Additionally, CSI Finance will not process any reimbursements for purchases made prior to the budget being fully approved.

Can our student organization appeal a funding decision?

If a budget was denied by a CSI liaison, please communicate with that Liaison for clarifications. Budgets are commonly denied due to submission deadlines, eligibility restrictions, for-profit activities (for student organizations or third parties) and budgets that do not comply with university policies.

If a budget was denied by a funding board, student organizations may contact the funding board(s) directly to appeal the decision. It is advised that student organizations reference student fee regulations and the individual funding board bylaws for appeals.