Liaison staff

Liaisons are professional staff members assigned to assist student orgs with the creation, execution and implementation of their student organization. CSI determines the liaison you work with based upon your self-classified category during the annual agreement process.

 Unsure of your category? Review your organization’s BuffConnect profile and scroll down to Category to view classification.

Liaisons are also responsible for signing off on all funding requests for student organizations. It is the responsibility of the student organization to meet with a CSI liaison prior to registering as a new organization, submitting any funding requests or planning any major on-campus event or off-campus travel. Liaisons are also here to help with

  • Leadership development.
  • Navigating and understanding campus policies.
  • Referral to campus departments.
  • Recruitment and membership retention.
  • Organization marketing.
  • Organization development such as bylaw creation and running effective meetings.
  • Internal conflict and membership concerns.

We strongly recommend RSOs schedule appointments with their assigned liaison in order to ensure the best possible advising and support. However, during normal business hours, a liaison is available for drop-in appointments for answering basic questions.