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Sign up for alters by emailing involvement@colorado.edu

This weekly event provides a place where students can build a community and learn about campus events. Located in UMC North Dining, right by Alferd Packer Grill, from 2-3:00pm. I Love Mondays also helps promote events on campus while encouraging student involvement. This event is always free and a great way to cure your case of the Mondays. Take a break from studying and do something fun to start your week!

For information about promoting at I Love Mondays email involvement@colorado.edu

Fall 2017 Schedule

08/28- Snow Cones

09/04- Labor Day

09/11- Ice Cream Sundaes

09/18 - Polaroid Picture Display

09/25- Chocolate Covered Strawberries

10/02- Tote bags

10/09- Nacho Bar

10/16- Cupcakes

10/23- Tote bags

10/30- Trick or Treat- Candy bags

11/6- Carmel Apple

11/13- Pop Corn Bar

11/20- Fall Break

11/27- Yogurt Parfait

12/4- Chocolate Covered Pretzels

12/11- Dirt Pudding cups

12/18- Hot Chocolate Bar- marshmallows and whip cream