Dennis Small Cultural Center
Picture of student taking a prainting class in the D S C C
Picture of student taking a dance class in the D S C C
Picture of students taking a cooking class in the D S C C

Dennis Small was a proud Denver resident who spent his life working with students and serving his community. He was a teacher, principal, and athletic director for Denver Public Schools, was a board member for the Denver YMCA and the American Red Cross, and played baseball for the Black leagues in the 30s and 40s. In 1966 he received the Denver Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award and Father of the Year Award. At CU, Small served as Associate Dean and Director of the Human Relations Center from 1969-1978 where he was tasked with improving relations between students, faculty, administration, parents, alumni, and the public. Small envisioned a space for marginalized groups to gather, program, and feel safe. Today, the Dennis Small Cultural Center staff strives to continue this legacy in their everyday work.

The DSCC exists to serve underrepresented student groups on the CU Boulder campus by providing programmatic support and a safe space for cultural expression and community gatherings. We serve the campus community as a whole by providing opportunities to enhance cultural awareness and celebrate diversity. We are committed to facilitating programs and resources that contribute to the intellectual, cultural, social, ethical and personal growth of all students.

As the cultural diversity center of the UMC, the DSCC supports and contributes to the UMC’s mission to be a multicultural center for the CU Boulder campus.

Phone: 303-735-1078