kartwheel holding big check

KartWheel aims to transport injured students across campus, grabs first place in new Venture Challenge 11 General Track Finals

March 20, 2019

New Venture Challenge Track Finals are in full swing, and we're excited to announce KartWheel as the second NVC 11 Championships finalist! KartWheel is a specialized transportation company established to transport students with disabilities and injuries from their homes to specific buildings on campus.

nimb.ly nvc 11 track finals

Software company Nimb.ly alleviates staffing problem for caterers, wins first place in New Venture Challenge 11 IT Track Finals competition

March 20, 2019

Nimb.ly took home the first place prize and $3,500 at the NVC 11 IT Track Finals after pitching their business idea to a panel of judges and 100 more in attendance. The team is creating a revolutionary software platform that helps catering companies keep their events efficiently staffed.

Courtlyn Carpenter

Courtlyn Carpenter Co-founds Spaces that Foster Diverse Thinking

Feb. 5, 2019

Bridge USA is about bridging the divide between differences in ideology, something that great leaders need to be able to foster. This organization was co-founded by Courtlyn Carpenter who student environmental engineering at CU Boulder. Its mission is: “ BridgeUSA believes that good governance starts with constructive political discussion" Today,...

Kevin Emory

Respect Your Mother Recycling Student Founder Tells His Story

Jan. 23, 2019

CU Boulder student Kevin Emory chats with fellow mechanical engineering student Tyler Edens about Respect Your Mother (RYM) Recycling — his Boulder-based startup that’s striving for zero waste through a university-based recycling model. Emory shares how he got his idea off the ground, being an underdog and why time management...

Sweat points team

Student Venture Story: Sweat Points

March 1, 2018

Background CU Boulder Senior Chad Piatek founded the venture Sweat Points. The idea for this specific type of app came to Piatek as he was talking to his fellow members of the CU Boulder Club Lacrosse team about what they need in an app. They explained that many apps which...

John Moore Headshot

Student Venture Story: The Grove

Feb. 20, 2018

The Story John Moore, student and aspiring entrepreneur, decided to test the boundaries of experimental legislation when he came up with the idea for his latest venture. The Grove is founded on the idea that like minded people who enjoy the influence of marijuana should be able to consume it...

Ryan Pfeifer and his brother

Student Venture Story: Nektyd

Jan. 27, 2018

Background Ryan Pfeifer, a CU Boulder student, and his brother Steven are the founders of Nektyd , a platform designed for innovative individuals. Steven and Ryan have put in over 18-months of coding and sweat to help create a go-to search platform for any service. Problem It Solves Nektyd wants...