CU Boulder's Entrepreneurial Mentor Network supports venture activity on campus led by students, faculty and staff. These ventures are at all stages of development—from nascent ideas to commercialization—and need experienced professionals to help them on their journey.


If you are looking for a mentor, email us with a short description that includes: 1) the problem or venture you are working on 2) what type of mentoring support you're looking for, and 3) what business expertise you desire.  We will search our database and get back to you with possibilities.

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Entrepreneurial mentors are individuals with industry and business experience who have a desire to provide their expertise to campus ventures and entrepreneurial programs. If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please review the types of mentors we need in our campus network below and communicate your interest using our Mentor Interest Form. Once you complete the application, we can connect you with appropriate opportunities as well as ventures who are looking for your specific talents. You will also be added to our entrepreneurial mentor email communications list.

This intake form is used by cross-campus stakeholders to find and build relationships with the right entrepreneurial mentors.  We know mentors are busy people, and we have options to fit your various time commitment and expectations.

Importantly, this form is only the first step towards getting involved.  Different campus programs may ask for or require additional information such as an in person interview or training to properly prepare you.  Details will be discussed further by the staff of those programs.