By Published: April 23, 2019

Once again, CU Boulder is participating as the University Track sponsor at Boulder Startup Week (BSW). Celebrating its 10th year, CU Boulder is proud to showcase the strong ties between the Boulder startup community and the world-class teaching and research happening on campus.

"CU Boulder is a powerhouse that feeds and supports our robust startup community. Silicon Valley wouldn’t be the same without Stanford, and CU Boulder is equally a force within Boulder," said Sarabeth Berk, Director of CU Boulder's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Celebrate Boulder's innovative culture with over 280 events, free and open to the public, from May 13–17. There will be six University Track sessions featuring CU Boulder faculty, staff, and alumni.

Monday, May 13

Hey Entrepreneurs! Want to Get Involved with CU Boulder? Want to Get *Really* Involved? [wink?]

12-12:50 p.m.
Rembrandt Yard (1301 Spruce Street)

For those who want to go deeper and get truly embedded in the educational mission of CU Boulder, this session is for you. This panel highlights the many facets of the growing symbiotic relationship between the Boulder startup community and the University of Colorado. Through a lively conversation among university representatives and community collaborators, explore how existing partnerships leverage the strengths of both academia and the startup community to create mutually beneficial outcomes. Discover how you can take advantage of these unique campus opportunities and embed yourself in the campus ecosystem.

CU Boulder speakers: Brad Bernthal, Associate Professor of Law at the Colorado Law School and Director of the Entrepreneurship Initiative for the Silicon Flatirons Center; Zach Nies, Computer Science instructor at the College of Engineering and Applied Science and Managing Director at Techstars for the Boulder program; Martha Russo, installation artist and CU Boulder art instructor

Tuesday, May 14

Not Your Mother’s University: Locally and Globally Connected, On-Demand, Diverse and Rapidly Adapting

12-12:50 p.m.
Riverside (1724 Broadway)

University futurists will discuss their predictions about the future of universities. From community-embedded solution-driven programming to global online programs to translated research that is addressing the human condition. The panel will include faculty innovators and community partners along with students who are driving many of the changes in higher education.

CU Boulder speakers: Terri Fiez, Vice Chancellor for Reseach and Innovation; David Slayden, Associate Professor in Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design for the College of Media, Communication and Information and Executive Director of CMCI Studio; Mark Rentschler, Mechanical Engineering professor at the College of Engineering and Applied Science; Lori Peek, Sociology Professor at the College of Arts & Science and Director of the Natural Hazards Center; Dirk Grunwald, Post-Bacc Faculty Director and Computer Science Professor in the College of Engineering and Applied Science; Christina Gonzales, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Wednesday, May 15

Narrative for Entrepreneurs: Learn from Top Professors in Story for Empathy and Design

10-10:50 a.m.
CMCI Studio (1301 Walnut St)

College of Media, Communications and Information (CMCI) Studio professors are known nationally for their expertise in design storytelling. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about the ways story works in the brain, the research that has been done on behavior change through story, and how to apply it to your startup through team development, user experience, and design thinking. 

CU Boulder speakers: Lisa Henderson, CMCI instructor; Burton St. John III, Professor of Advertising and Public Relations and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies at CMCI; David Slayden, Associate Professor in Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design for the CMCI and Executive Director of CMCI Studio

Entrepreneurship Education 2050, Let’s Peek Into the Future!

12-12:50 p.m.
CMCI Studio (1301 Walnut St)

Will AI and robots dominate the workforce of 2050? Will we be vacationing on the moon? Will transportation be all above ground? How will this future drive what education looks like? Will the traditional classroom go away and all entrepreneurship education be virtual? Join us to peek into the future of the classroom (if still around!) and how it will need to change to train the workforce of 2050.

CU Boulder speaker: Erick Mueller, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Faculty Director and Adjunct Professor at the Leeds School of Business

Thursday, May 16

Co-Founders Wanted! Build a Business Based on CU Boulder Technology

11-11:50 a.m.
Gloo (805 Walnut St)

Looking to start a company but need cool technology to take to market? Come listen to opportunities for licensing technology from CU Boulder research labs. We will have quick presentations from four professors in the health and wellness space.

CU Boulder speakers: Sally Hatcher, Commercialization Academy Director for Venture Partners at CU Boulder; Nicole Forsberg, Business Development Associate for Venture Partners at CU Boulder; Chris Vargo, Assistant Professor of Advertising and Public Relations at the College of Media, Communications and Information (CMCI) and Master's in Business Analytics (MSBA)/CMCI Director; Laila Marzall, Research Assistant and PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Prepare for Take Off! Aerospace from Lab to Startup: Space the New Frontier

1-1:50 p.m.
Galvanize - Grays (1023 Walnut St)

Colorado is the #1 aerospace economy per capita in the country. Hear from Colorado’s leading aerospace innovators as they discuss their experiences bringing world-class research to bear on real world problems.

CU Boulder speakers: Abby Benson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, Office of Industry Collaboration and AeroSpace Ventures; Stephen Miller, Commercialization Network Liaison for Venture Partners at CU Boulder; Scott Palo, Charles Victor Schelke Endowed Professor, Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR); Jeffrey Thayer, Negler Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and Director of Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR)

Hear from more CU Boulder faculty and staff at BSW:
  • 5/14 @ 9 a.m. – Startup Resources & Collaboration with Sustainability Community Leaders
    • feat. Chris Muldrow, Industry Program Manager of the Office of Industry Collaboration
  • 5/14 @9 a.m. – Be a Hybrid: A Professional Who Weaves Multiple Talents Together to Deliver More Value (hosted at Basecamp)
    • feat. Sarabeth Berk, Director for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • 5/14 @1 p.m. – Culture, people, outcomes, life Fulfillment: Connecting the Dots! (hosted at Basecamp)
    • feat. Erick Mueller, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, Faculty Director and Adjunct Professor at the Leeds School of Business; Co-Founder and Chairman of Funovation