By Published: March 18, 2019

australians visit cu boulderWhen innovative minds from across the world come together, only great things can happen.

On March 12, 2019, Australian startup community leaders visited CU Boulder to experience the university's vast innovation ecosystem and learn about the campus-wide Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative

The group visited both Boulder and San Francisco as part of a week-long mission hosted by Startup Catalyst, an Australian organization that "brings startups, investors, corporates, tech-savvy youth and innovation leaders to international startup hotspots with a goal of transforming the startup and innovation landscape in Australia."

During their trip, attendees toured startups, accelerators and co-working spaces, gained insight at events and workshops, and networked with fellow local startup leaders.

"The Startup Catalyst group was really impressed to hear how we intentionally engage stakeholders and build partnerships across the community to drive startups. They want to work on building the kinds of relationships and programs that we’ve found to be most successful. This is the second year they’ve brought a group to visit us, and we’re turning into one of the highlights and 'must-see' stops on their tour. Afterwards, many of them connect with us on LinkedIn, so the international relationships we’re establishing don’t just stop with one visit."

– Sarabeth Berk, Director of CU Boulder's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative

Objectives for attendees on the mission included:

  • Exploring different models and programs that provide startup support
  • Building global awareness
  • Discovering international best practices
  • Learning about the latest innovation trends
  • Building strong global connections to better support the Australian startups

"We're very appreciative to CU Boulder for investing time in our community leaders during our visit. We had a massive debrief session, and the university was front and center in terms of strategy, collaboration and beauty," said Baden U'Ren, leader of the Startup Catalyst Startup Community Leaders Mission.