Published: March 20, 2018

Beautibook pitching at IT track finals

New Venture Challenge track finals are happening this week, and the excitement and tension is thick.  The level of competition has never been higher, with over 125 teams competing across four tracks, and many of them are very strong contenders. This is the tenth year for the New Venture Challenge, the largest cross-campus venture competition at CU Boulder and it's open to anyone with a Buffcard.

Last night was the track finals for Creative Industries and IT.  Seasoned entrepreneurial staff and faculty at CU Boulder remarked about how impressed they were by the finalists.  Sally Hatcher exclaimed,

"I really couldn't be more impressed with the outstanding quality of ideas AND pitches from all 9 teams in the IT track tonight!  Ridiculously good!  Several would compare well to teams at Techstars, Boomtown, and Mergelane."

Other staff members are glowing with pride and are noticing how entrepreneurship is gaining momentum across campus, especially in capstone courses where entrepreneurship is becoming a requirement.

Teams have been working intensely for months to get ready for the semi-finals and finals.  Global entrepreneurs in residence along with community mentors and CU Boulder staff have been hosting workshops on campus and coaching teams to help them polish their ideas, do more research, and give feedback. At this year's track finals, many of the finalists have female founders, and teams are showing strong background knowledge in market verticals and customer acquisition, as well as demonstrating excellent public speaking.

The championships are going to be an unforgettable night, not to be missed.  On April 4th at the Boulder Theater, one team will be named the NVC 10 winner, and there is $100k in prize money.  RSVP for the championships.