Published: March 12, 2018

Brennie Pellegrini Marco Vienna and Jake Hurwitz headshots  Colorado Startups Home page screenshot

Brennie Pellegrini (BA Management and Entrepreneurship, sophomore), Jake Hurwitz (BA Business and Entrepreneurship, '17), and Marco Vienna are trying to do something major for the State of Colorado.  They're the founders of Colorado Startups, a website that captures the entirety of the startup community across the state.

The Story

Brennie met Jake through a mutual connection, and he invited Brennie to the Boulder Bits Hackathon where they built an MVP for a Boulder Bits product in one weekend. After that, Brennie continued to get more involved in the community while also working on his own projects.  This led Brennie to meeting Paul Foley who brought him on as a co-founder of Colorado Startups.  Brennie says, "It's a mission I was excited to take on because I'm passionate about startups and community building. There's so many amazing entrepreneurs in Colorado and our goal is to empower them through collaboration and communication."

The Goal

Colorado Startups is run by a group of community organizers. The initiative is to build a more cohesive startup community in Colorado and make Colorado the number one state for startups. Together, Jake, Brennie, and Marco are trying to gather the rich set of startup resources across Colorado.  To do this, they have a Slack Community and Facebook group where people can post events and opportunities as well as keep the conversation going.