As part of our goal to promote space sustainability across disiplines, SSI aims to both host and attend events and conferences, staying engaged with the community.

Check here for events that SSI is either hosting or plans on attending! If you have an event that you would like to reccommend to SSI or invite SSI to, please contact us at to arrange a meeting.

Events that SSI will be attending:

Secure World Foundation's 4th Annual Space Sustainability Summit in London, UK on June 22nd and 23rd. 

Past Events30 p.m., Fiske Auditorium

World Space Week: Celebrating Women in Space
6-8:30pm | October 8
Fiske Planetarium, CU Boulder

Thank you to all who attend, we hope to see you back sometime in the future!

Event Description: 

The Space & Sustainability Initiative (SSI) at CU Boulder and the Secure World Foundation (SWF) invite you to join us in celebrating Women in Space during this year’s World Space Week. This in-person event will be held at Fiske Auditorium at 6pm on October 8th and begins with a reception including catering and drinks, bringing together the academic community with the aerospace industry. At 7pm, guests will be invited to the Fiske Auditorium for a presentation including: 

  • Welcome from Sharon Matusik, Dean of Leeds School of Business
  • 3 Minute Thesis from Molly MacEachen, Research Associate of SSI
  • Shaylah Mutschler, Smead Aerospace & Engineering
  • Dr. Penina Axelrad, Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research
  • Kathryn Tobey, CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Jenny Gerson, Maxar Technologies
  • Krystal Scordo, Astroscale U.S.
  • Vanessa Clark, Atomos Space

After the presentations, you’re encouraged to stay for a short reception with cookies and coffee.

Note that this event is subject to change based on the CU Boulder COVID Requirements & Guidelines. 

Not able to make it in person?

Join us for a virtual panel discussion on Thursday, October 7th at 10am MST, where we will hear  from a range of speakers, in order to celebrate women in space from around the world!


  • Molly MacEachen, Research Associate of SSI
  • Ruvimbo Samanga, Space Law & Policy Analyst
  • Victoria Samson, Secure World Foundation
  • Joanne Gabrynowicz, International Institute of Space Law
  • Shayna Hume, College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Anna Rubino, Mission Operations Center, Mission Director at Maxar

10am MST // 6pm CET | Thursday, October 7th