Prosecuting Cops: A Lawyer’s Perspective

May 17, 2017

This piece is the opinion of its author, an attorney and a journalist It is extremely rare for Colorado law enforcement to be charged with a crime after shooting people in the line of duty. Colorado's Supreme Court Building On June 23, 2016, a jury convicted former Rocky Ford police...

Report: Police-Involved Shootings Escalate in Colorado

April 12, 2017

Note: This story was produced for The Denver Post and for Public News Service, and ran in the Post’s newspaper on March 5, 2017. Nearly 40 PNS stations ran an audio version of the story, and it also ran on the PNS website . Stock image The number of officer-involved...

Mapping Denver’s officer-involved shootings

April 3, 2017

CU News Corps has mapped every officer-involved shooting reported by the City of Denver from 2015 to now.

Yes on 72 radio advertisement needs context

Oct. 23, 2016

On Tuesday, Colorado residents will vote on Amendment 72, a ballot initiative supporting a $1.75 tax increase on cigarettes and a 22 percent increase of the manufacturer’s list price on tobacco products. The Campaign for a Healthy Colorado , which supports the amendment, recently released a radio ad making various...

Thousands rally in London to remember slain MP Jo Cox on what would have been her 42nd birthday

June 23, 2016

London – Thousands gathered in Trafalgar Square Wednesday to remember and pay tribute to Jo Cox, who was assassinated on June 16 while meeting with constituents in Birstall, West Yorkshire. The rally was held in conjunction with other remembrance gatherings around the world on what would have been Cox’s 42nd...

The view from the ground

June 23, 2016

Both sides scramble as Brexit vote grows near. London – A huddle of volunteers surrounds Robin Phelps at his table in the Imperial Durbar, a pub located in the middle-class Tooting neighborhood. Phelps, a volunteer coordinator for the “Remain” campaign, directs his charges to neighborhood “sectors,” where they’ll make a...

Life in the shadows

May 10, 2016

Stories of domestic violence and sexual assault on undocumented immigrant women tell of a deep-seated problem in the United States. *Author’s note: Italicized portions are based on case studies from victim advocate counselors. Names have been changed to protect the persons involved. Photo: Francesco Scaramella via Flickr Creative Commons Marisa...

Presidential primary candidates on US‑Mexico immigration reform

May 9, 2016

From the wall-rhetoric of Trump to the pro-DREAM Act promises of Clinton and Sanders, finding a "solution" to America's immigration problems has become the hot-button issue in the 2016 race for the White House.

Ethiopians in Colorado

May 9, 2016

Fasting-growing immigrant group in the U.S. has had a large presence in Colorado since the 1970s Stock image This story is told in a few paragraphs, a motion graphic, an audio story and an exhaustive timeline. Enjoy. Colorado is home to a large population of Ethiopian immigrants. Nearly 30,000 live...

Mixed green (cards): Agriculture and immigration’s strained relationship

May 9, 2016

Large cutout paintings dot the landscape of farmland in the Salinas Valley. Photo by Debra Jane Seltzer ( ) In the fertile lands of central California lies the Salinas Valley , where 369,000 acres of land provide the country with $8.1 billion worth of fruits and vegetables annually. Nicknamed...