Video game culture

Aug. 3, 2019

Within the last year, videogames have taken popular culture by storm, and have soared into the national spotlight. As the number of regular players continues to rise, so too has a curiosity about the beneficial and potentially detrimental effects of avid gaming. Though videogames have been popular among younger generations...

Spring brings fear and hope for Hispanic immigrants

July 1, 2019

Trump’s campaign has immigrants running for the polls. Gabriela Esparza was able to hug her mother and sister on April 30 during a symbolic event when an emergency door at the U.S.-Mexico border in California was opened for a brief time. (Courtesy of Border Angels (Facebook) through VOA News) This...

Bible Earthers are out of this world

Bible Earthers are out of this world

June 25, 2019

In a small coffee shop in Fort Collins, Colorado, a meeting takes place inside the “Lovecraft” room at 6 p.m. every Tuesday. Members shuffle in at their leisure and take their seats at plastic tables arranged in a circle to face each other. They meet to talk about one thing:...

Refugees and asylum seekers in the Trump administration

June 20, 2019

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Mike Coffman on historical trends and the 2018 election

May 15, 2019

Former Congressman Mike Coffman sat in a crowded coffee shop in Aurora, Colorado. He waved to his past constituents, and potential new voters in the city that he’s attempting to become Mayor of. He sipped on a warm tea and remarked on his understanding of the historical trends that experts...

Higher rent but desirable living

May 1, 2019

Beau Burris is the owner of Burris Real Estate in Boulder. For the past 13 years he has been buying and managing properties on The Hill. His business is a personal investment and he takes pride in offering students comfortable, luxurious living. Burris grew up in Boulder and went to...

Students define consent after university sexual assault protest

April 29, 2019

On March 18, students gathered at the University Memorial Center to demand that the University of Colorado, Boulder take more action to investigate students who are accused of rape or sexual assault. This protest came after CU student, Zachary Roper, was charged with 2 counts of sexual assault on March...

Game of Loans: The battle continues

April 23, 2019

Aaron Barazza is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in biochemistry. The out- of- state student from Roswell, New Mexico, hopes to do research after graduation in 2020. Briannah Hill is a Colorado native from the neighborhood of Stapleton. She is an ethnic studies major with a...