Translating technical advances in quantum information science and technology (QIST) into practical application and economic impact will take place in startups and risk-tolerant divisions of established companies, staffed by employees familiar to varying degrees with both the underlying science and the engineering details. The CUbit Quantum Initiative can serve these companies, accelerate implementation of its own innovations and those from other sources, and produce the next generation of researchers by incorporating a cross-disciplinary, multi-tiered education and training program.

Bachelors and Masters

Professional Masters, Bachelor and Certificate programs will provide industry with graduates who have an intuitive, hands-on understanding of QIST and the relevant transferable skills, and so feed a growing demand for employees adept in this rapidly growing field but perhaps not initially recruited as group leaders. These programs require course development or modification at CU Boulder and partner universities, and must be designed and delivered jointly by science and engineering departments through the strategic planning of deans and department chairs. Advanced students in these programs would substantially enrich their classroom and laboratory training through internships at QIST-intensive companies, particularly those who join CUbit.

Doctoral Programs

PhD and postdoctoral programs instill the deepest understanding for scientific leaders in industry, academia and National Labs. For this level, CU Boulder has the necessary faculty and facilities and multiple nationally prominent research groups devoted to QIST theory and experiment.