Recreation Center/Outdoor Program

Funded largely by students, the Student Recreation Center is a popular facility on the campus.  Your Buff One card will allow you access to the rec center.  Fitness classes, exercise equipment, basketball courts, an indoor track, ice rink, pool and climbing gym are among the options that are available.  You can also check out equipment, balls, and games using your Buff One card at the Rec Center.

For more information, call (303) 492-6880.

Recreation Center summer hours are Monday-Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-9pm.


Medical Care for Students

Wardenburg Student Health Service is an outpatient clinic located on the Boulder campus. SMART students are eligible to use all services, including office visits, laboratory and x-ray services, and physical therapy. Charges are assessed for most services and SMART students are responsible for payment. All students are eligible for 6 free counseling sessions through Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS), which has locations at Wardenburg and C4C (S440), and can be reached 24/7 at (303) 492-2277.

Students requiring immediate care are accepted on a walk-in basis during outpatient clinic hours. Routine outpatient appointments should be scheduled in advance. SMART students may obtain after hours and emergency care when Wardenburg is closed. There is also a pharmacy that fills prescriptions located at Wardenburg.

Wardenburg telephone numbers:                      Wardenburg hours (clinic and pharmacy):

Appointments                 (303) 492-5432               Mon-Fri             8am-5pm

Information                     (303) 492-5101               Sat                    Closed

Closed July 4 for Independence Day


Emergency Numbers & Safety

Fire-Police/Sheriff-Ambulance           911                             
Poison Control                                 (303) 629-1123
Non-emergency Campus Police      (303) 492-6666

Working late across campus? Call CU NightRide service at 303-492-7233 for a ride back to the dorm. This is a free service for CU students. Other safe transportation options are available. Make awareness and prevention a priority while at CU. More information about security, fire safety and crime prevention can be found here.


Bus Transportation

You will get an RTD College Pass - this card will allow you to ride the city and regional buses for free. The local public transportation system is known as Regional Transportation District (RTD), and serves the greater Denver and Boulder metropolitan area.

The local bus routes that serve the campus are called the HOP, the SKIP, the DASH and the STAMPEDE.  The HOP travels from the University to the 29th Street and Pearl Street Malls.  The SKIP runs from north Boulder to south Boulder along Broadway, and passes through the Pearl Street Mall.  The DASH runs along Broadway/South Boulder Road, connecting Boulder to Louisville and Lafayette. The STAMPEDE connects the main campus to the East Campus. For other ways to get around Boulder, call Go Boulder at (303) 441-3200.


CU Boulder Bicycle Program

Buff Bikes are available for free 2-day rentals* through the CU Bike Program and may be picked up at either the UMC or Folsom bike station during regular hours: Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm. Mobile mechanic services are available after hours. The bikes are single-speed cruisers with coaster brakes, and come with a U-lock and helmet. For bikes not returned at the end of the second day, students are charged a late fee of $10/day for up to 7 days.**

A variety of bikes (road, mountain, cruiser, depending upon availability) may also be rented for the entire summer for $30 (a $100 refundable deposit is required). To rent a bike for the summer, a student must first set up an individual 30-minute meeting with the rental manager. Please visit the program website, click on “semester rentals,” and choose a day and time that’s available on the schedule. Bike rentals require payments in cash or check only.

*Students must show valid Buff OneCard.

**Rentals more than 7 days late are reported to the CU Police and are subject to collection.



CU-Boulder is a smoke-free campus. The use of smoking products of any sort, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited by CU's No Smoking Policy on all university-owned and operated campus grounds, both indoors and outdoors. Smoking is prohibited in all public spaces in the City of Boulder, Pearl Street Mall, and in the city’s civic area. This includes all restaurants and bars.


Smart Residance Hall

You will be living in Willard Hall this summer. Packages will be sent through the University distribution center; your mail can be picked up at the Willard Hall front desk; this desk is staffed every day 7am to midnight. (Please note, there is no Saturday mail delivery). 

CU Conference Services
Attn: SMART Program, Your Name
2480 Kittredge Loop Dr. #1953
Boulder, CO 80310

The SMART Program is not responsible for mail received after the end of the program.


Meal Times and Places

Students will eat at Farrand Hall for the first week of the program beginning with dinner Sunday, June 2nd from 4:30 - 6:30 and ending with dinner on Friday, June 7, 4:30 - 6:30. For the rest of the program students will eat at the dining hall in the Center for Community (C4C). There are many types of food available throughout the day that offer a good variety of dining options!  You will need to swipe your card to enter the dining halls for each meal. 

Farrand Dining Hall and C4C

Lunch/Brunch        9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Dinner                    4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Monday - Friday
Breakfast                7:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Lunch/Brunch         11:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Dinner                     4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

SEEC Cafe (East Campus)
Monday - Friday      8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Saturday/Sunday    Closed

Please contact the SMART office immediately if your meal card is lost or stolen.


Damage Inspections

The Residence Hall Director will conduct walk-through inspections on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

Please have your dorm room ready for inspection on this day.

Note: Students will be financially responsible for any and all damages to CU property.

There will be a lock change charge for lost or unreturned keys. 


Standards of Conduct

SMART students are expected to follow established residence hall standards of conduct.  Refer to the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Standards of Conduct document, a full copy of which is included in your welcome packet; additional copies are available from the SMART office and the Office of Judicial Affairs.



  • Violating the noise policy
  • Gaining unauthorized entry to, or unauthorized use of, residence hall facilities (this includes the loaning of a meal card to gain entry to a dining hall)
  • Tampering with or misuse of elevators, or climbing upon the roof of elevators
  • Climbing on roof or fire escapes, or scaling or rappelling on outside walls of a residence hall
  • Using windows as a means of entry and/or exit, removing window stops from windows, or storing items on window ledges
  • Throwing items of any kind from windows, balconies, roofs, etc.
  • Tampering with, propping open, or misusing hall security doors
  • Disposing of personal trash in hallways, bathrooms, or other common areas
  • Keeping a pet or animal in a residence hall
  • Playing any type of game (e.g., Frisbee, hockey, darts, golf); kicking or throwing balls; participating in water fights; or bicycling, or skateboarding, or in-line skating in hallways, lounges, resident rooms, or common areas of the building, or in specified areas close to buildings
  • Using a bathroom designated for members of a different gender
  • Misusing or violating Residence Hall Policies, Regulations, and Standards of Conduct per the Residence Hall Handbook
  • Violating the CU Code of Conduct alcohol policy (if the resident is under age, this includes remaining in a room where alcohol is present, or possessing or displaying alcohol containers)

*  not a complete list