Bicycle Program Updates 

Bike Stations Closing Early 4/24
The bike stations will be closing early at 3pm 4/24 due to weather.

Now Hiring
The Bicycle Recycling Program is hiring for the summer. We are looking for experienced bicycle mechanics. More information here.

Bike storage

Store your bike for the summer
Heading home for the summer and don't know what to do with your bike? Store it with us! Basic storage is $10, $30 with a tune up. We will be accepting bikes for storage on May 4th at the UMC Bike Station, and May7-9 at the UMC Bike Station, Kittredge West, and Stearns West. Cash and checkd accepted, first come, first served. Contact us at with questions.

Bicycle Program Services UMC Station

Bike station mechanics are unable to work on bikes that have not been registered. Be sure to register your bike. We will happily register your bike at either station for no charge during normal business hours.

Biking is a fun, clean, and easy way to get around campus as well as the city of Boulder and beyond. Biking as a primary form of transportation helps reduce our negative impact on the environment, is an excellent form of exercise, and could save money that would otherwise be spent on gas and parking. CU has many programs to offer students to make acquiring, maintaining, riding, and parking bikes a breeze. Programs include:

Feel free to contact the bicycle program for questions or comments at or call 303-735-BIKE.

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