The University of Colorado Boulder maintains certain policies and standards with regards to the responsible use and security of its computer systems, networks, data, and information resources. All users of these facilities are responsible for understanding the privileges and responsibilities extended by these policies and standards.

Top policies for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors at CU Boulder

Policy Owner
Acceptable Use of CU Boulder's IT Resources Campus Policy
Providing & Using Information Technology  CU Administrative Policy Statement
Digital Accessibility Campus Policy
Code of Conduct CU Administrative Policy Statement
Copyright Federal Government 

Electronic Communications

Policy Owner
eCommunications Campus Policy
Electronic Communications CU Administrative Policy Statement
Student Email Policy Campus Policy
Boulder Records Retention Schedule Campus Policy
Electronic Signatures and Transactions CU Administrative Policy Statement

IT Security & Standards 

Policy Owner
IT Security Program  CU Administrative Policy Statement
Secure Computing Standards for Computers Campus Policy
Secure Computing Standards for Servers Campus Policy
System-wide Baseline Security Standards CU Administrative Policy Statement
Website and Web Application Security Campus Policy
Vulnerability Management Standard CIO and ISO
Authentication Standard CIO

Data Governance

Policy Owner
Data Classification CU System
Data Governance CU Administrative Policy Statement
Data Trustees Campus Policy

Other Policies

Policy Owner
Guidelines for Software Purchases and Services ARB
Wireless Deployment and Management Policy CIO
Fiber Strategy Standard CIO
IT Standards & Foundational Services Policy Campus Policy
Technology Guidance for In-Building Celluar Coverage  CIO
FERPA Federal Government