The Idea Forge has a variety of sewing resources available.  Whether you're working on a course project, developing your entrepreneurial idea, or working on this year's Halloween costume, we have you covered.

If you have questions about sewing or soft goods, please contact Josh Colyer.

How do I...

...drop in and sew?

Stop by the Idea Forge Commons and grab a machine from our sewing cabinet - you can set up shop at one of our large Commons or DIDL tables, or in the Assembly Area. 

...learn to use a sewing machine?

Stop by the Idea Forge Commons to grab a machine from our Sewing Cabinet.  Then, take a look at our sewing videos and resource guides for our standard and industrial sewing machines (below).

For a more in-depth sewing intro, check out our sewing workshops.  

Standard Sewing Machine Resource Guide  Industrial Sewing Machine Resource Guide


...get help with my sewing project?

Ask one of our Smiths or stop by the Makerspace to see Josh Colyer for help with your sewing project.  If you'd like to set up a design review, you can schedule a meeting with Josh.

...make a packable hammock?

Sign up for our Packable Hammock Workshop!