Srinjita Bhaduri
Research Scientist Level 1
Institute of Cognitive Science • Sumner Lab

Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction and Educational Technology

Related to the SchoolWide Labs program and its projects, Srinjita is interested in exploring the student-centered approaches used in this project and extending it to other emerging technologies, like 3D printing and Augmented Reality. She also contributes to the planning of professional development workshops, co-designing storylines, data collection and analysis, and dissemination efforts. 

Bio: Srinjita is a PhD candidate in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. She has long been fascinated in developing effective strategies to teach 3D printing to youth and provide them more opportunities to explore maker technologies. She is exploring ways to utilize Augmented Reality as a scaffold to help enhance 3D modeling and 3D printing skills of novices and in turn help enhance their spatial thinking abilities.