Srinjita Bhaduri
Research Scientist Level 2
Institute of Cognitive Science • Sumner Lab

Research Overview
Dr. Bhaduri received a Dual Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Her primary areas of interest include Child Computer Interaction, Maker Technologies, and Learning Sciences. She explores learning environments to support underserved children in their investigation of emerging technologies, particularly programmable sensor technology and 3D printing, in a personally meaningful way.

She has long been fascinated with developing effective strategies to teach 3D printing to youth and provide them with more opportunities to explore maker and programmable technologies. She has explored ways to utilize Augmented Reality as a scaffold to enhance novices' 3D modeling and 3D printing skills and, in turn, help enhance their spatial thinking abilities. She developed a 3D printing curriculum toolkit (Teach3D) that over ten teachers with 2000 students have used over the years.

Current Work
Related to the SchoolWide Labs and STEM Career Connections (STEMCC) projects, Dr. Srinjita Bhaduri is interested in exploring the student-centered approaches used in these projects and extending them to other emerging technologies, like 3D printing and Augmented Reality. She also contributes to planning professional development workshops, co-designing storylines, data collection and analysis, and dissemination efforts.