Photo of Rosie Cowell
ICS Faculty • Associate Professor
Institute of Cognitive Science • Psychology & Neuroscience


Doctor Cowell will be joining the ICS faculty in January of 2023. She will be working remotely from the University of Bristol, UK Spring semester 2023 and will be joining ICS in person in Fall 2023.

Bio: Rosie received her BA from the University of Cambridge, UK, and her PhD from the University of Oxford, UK.

From 2013-2022 she served on the faculty of UMass Amherst, and she joins CU Boulder as Associate Professor in ICS, rostered in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience in January 2023. She is trained in computational cognitive neuroscience, animal neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and fMRI.

Research Interests:  Rosie's research interests include the neural and cognitive mechanisms of visual perception and memory in the human brain, including the effects of age and neurological disorders on cognition. She is also interested in developing novel methodologies for cognitive neuroscience research, particularly involving computational and mathematical modeling approaches.