Robert Moulder
Research Scientist Level 1
D'Mello Lab • NSF National AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming

Research focus/interest

Linear and nonlinear dynamical systems, longitudinal data analysis, structural equation modeling, lifespan development

Role at iSAT

Bobby is a Research Associate assisting with the analysis of the multiple studies and develop new analytical methodologies for understanding complex multimodal/multidimensional data feeds.


Bobby’s research focus is on developing and applying new methodologies derived from nonlinear dynamical systems theory, complexity theory, and longitudinal data analysis for understanding complex human derived data sets. His PhD dissertation (University of Virginia) focused on the quantification of chaotic behavior in behavioral time series through both structural equation modeling and mixed-effects modeling techniques. Substantively, he is broadly interested in human lifespan development. Bobby is an alumnus of the International Max Planck Research School on the Life Course (LIFE) and is a consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO). He is a primary contributor to the WHO’s Decade of Healthy Aging (2020 – 2030) baseline report. Bobby’s applied research collaborations have ranged from epigenetic dynamics of oxytocin receptors in human infancy, to motion synchrony between cancer patients and their physicians, to emotion regulation dynamics of individuals across their daily life.

Before joining the University of Colorado Boulder, Bobby was a postdoctoral researcher with the University of Zürich and a freelance data scientist.

When not working, he likes live musicals, 3d design/printing, and games.