Kent Hitchison

Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellow Delivers the 116th Distinguished Research Lecture, 'Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Cannabis Across the Lifespan.'

April 21, 2021

Angela Bryan

Angela Bryan, ICS Fellow Quoted on Results of Cannabis's Effect on Exercise Levels

April 19, 2021

Angela's study on the use of cannabis around and during physical activitiy continues to garner attention in popular media. Recently LoudCloud Health and HealthDay featured results of Angela's study on exercise and cannabis use. Notably she shared that "I got interested in the connection between cannabis use and exercise because...

Danielle Szafir

Danielle Szafir, ICS Fellow Receives NSF CAREER Award, Congratulations!

April 10, 2021

Danielle, an assistant professor of computer science with the ATLAS Institute received the highly prestigious award for her project titled 'Developing Perceptually-Driven Tools for Estimating Visualization Effectiveness".

Amelia Kelly

Welcome Visiting Scholar, Amelia Kelly!

April 10, 2021

Dr. Amelia Kelly has joined ICS as a visiting scholar from Ireland. She is collaborating with the ICS TalkBack project and system, developing a "bespoke state-of-the-art child speech recognition system" that will use "speech data from children speaking and learning in classroom environments." Learn more about Amelia's background, research interest...

Kent Hutchison

Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellow Receives 2020 Distinguished Research Lectureship

April 6, 2021

The Lectureship is among the most esteemed honors bestowed by the faculty upon a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder. Each year, the Research & Innovation Office (RIO) requests nominations from faculty for the Distinguished Research Lectureship, and a faculty review panel recommends one faculty member as a recipient.

Melanie Peffer

Congratulations Melanie Peffer, ICS Researcher for Her Selection as a 2021 Writer in Residence for the High Plains Library District

April 4, 2021

Melanie will focus her residency on creating a children's spin-off series of her best-selling book, Biology Everywhere: How the Science of Life Matters to Everyday Life .

Bill Penuel

Bill Penuel, ICS Faculty and Kathy Schultz, ICS Fellow's Editorial Featured in the Washington Post

March 26, 2021

Bill and Kathy's editorial post addressing learning loss due to the pandemic argues that "learning loss is a faulty way to diagnose the challenges faced by children and youth as a result of the pandemic." and provides an alternate perspective and strategies.

Cinnamon Bidwell

Cinnamon Bidwell, ICS Faculty Quoted in Reporter Herald for New Collaboration Between Research and Cannabis Retailers

March 22, 2021

Local cannabis companies are partnering with Cinnamon's lab on marijuana-use study.

Angela Bryan

Angela Bryan, ICS Fellow Named in the NYU News Release on a Study on Alcohol Use and HIV Prevention in Young Black Women

March 5, 2021

'Culturally Tailored Intervention Boosts Safe Sex, Reduces Drinking Among Young Black Women' headlines the news release on a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Matt Jones

Congratulations Matt Jones on Winning an Inaugural AB Nexus Research Collaboration Grant

Dec. 19, 2020

Matt and Joel Stoddard received a grant for their study 'Associative Threat Learning: Measuring Mechanisms for Treating Threat-based Psychopathologies'.