Peter Foltz Headshot

Peter Foltz, ICS Faculty's Research on Computer Grading Mentioned in Portmouth Daily Times Op-Ed

Aug. 26, 2019

"Robo-grading", computer grading of student work using artificial intelligence, is a growing and controversial development in education.

fMRI Screen

Philip Kragel, ICS Research Associate Featured on Denver's Channel 7 News

Aug. 2, 2019

Philip Kragel and Teryn Wilkes, ICS Lead MRI Technologist were featured in a segment on science and technology for "New technology can read emotions".

Michael Klymkowsky Headshot

Michael Klymkowsky, ICS Fellow Selected as Participant in the Open CU Course OER Adoption Initiative

July 30, 2019

CU Boulder's Open Education Resource (OER) Adoption Initiative is administered by the University Libraries. Michael will integrate OER into a spring 2020 undergraduate course.

Philip Kragel headshot

Philip Kragel, ICS Research Associate Author Study On the Impact of Images on Emotions, Measured by Machine Learning Technology

July 29, 2019

Lead author Philip Kragel and senior author, former ICS Faculty Tor Wager investigates the ability of computer systems modeled after the human brain, neural networks, to recognize human emotions from images.

Emonet Lab Image

Philip Kragel, ICS Research Associate Creates 'Emonet', and Improved Neural Network Computer System

July 26, 2019

ICS "Neuroscientists have developed a brain-inspired computer system that can look at an image and determine what emotion it evokes in people" (CU Boulder Today)

Sidney DMello Headshot

Sidney D'Mello ICS Faculty Recipient of the Society for Text and Discourse Young Investigator Award

July 12, 2019

Congratulations to Sidney for receiving the prestigious Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award presented at the 2019 Annual meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse in New York City.

Kent Hutchison New Photo

Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellow Gaining Media Coverage for Medical Marijuana Online Course

July 9, 2019

From 'Government Technology' to 'Huff n Puffs' online magazine, Kent's new course for the public is garnering media attention. Kent, a psychology professor, ICS Fellow, and founder of the Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabis and Health (CU REACH) at the University of Colorado Boulder created this four-part course...

Colunga Headshot

Eliana Colunga, ICS Fellow to Speak at University of Wisconsin - Madison

June 22, 2019

Eliana, Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and ICS Fellow will present a colloquium on October 24th, 2019 at UW-Madison.

REACH Square Logo

CU REACH Announces a New Pre-Doctoral Scholar Award

June 19, 2019

CU Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabis and Health has opened applications for a pre-doctoral award up to $5,000. Deadline to apply is July 15, 2019.


Sidney D'Mello ICS Faculty Recognized in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

June 10, 2019

"Mind wandering while reading easy and difficult texts." has been recognized as an Highly Influential Citation in Semantic Scholar.