Michael Eisenberg
ICS Faculty • Professor
Institute of Cognitive Science • Computer Science • Eisenberg Lab

Office: ECOT 717

Research Overview

See also: www.cs.colorado.edu/~duck. My research in educational technology focuses on computational crafts--techniques for integrating traditional and novel educational crafts with computational media. This work takes several forms: (a) Creating software applications for craft design (e.g., mechanical toys, popup cards); (b) Techniques for embedding small computers within physical objects to create programmable craft systems (e.g., our lab has designed kits for programming textile artifacts); (c) Exploiting new I/O devices (laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.) to expand the range of craft activities; (d) Exploring novel materials in educational crafts, such as conductive threads and paints. This work has close connections to important research issues in education and cognitive science, such as the effective design of manipulatives in math and science education, spatial and embodied cognition, and the learnability of 'computational thinking'.