Kent Hutchison New Photo

Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellow Gaining Media Coverage for Medical Marijuana Online Course

July 9, 2019

From 'Government Technology' to 'Huff n Puffs' online magazine, Kent's new course for the public is garnering media attention. Kent, a psychology professor, ICS Fellow, and founder of the Center for Research and Education Addressing Cannabis and Health (CU REACH) at the University of Colorado Boulder created this four-part course...

Kent Hutchison

Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellow Quoted in Article on Marijuana and Substance Use and Abuse

June 6, 2019 cites Kent and his research on comparative negative consequences of alcohol versus marijuana.


Angela Bryan and Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellows Receiving Continued Visibility in the News for Research On Marijuana and Exercise

June 5, 2019

Angela and Kent's study that suggests that marijuana use may motivate some users to exercise, picked by by CBS News and affiliates.

Kent Recent

Kent Hutchison, ICS Fellow in UK News for Research On Alcohol, Marijuana and Brain Damage

April 4, 2019

"While marijuana may also have some negative consequences, it definitely is nowhere near the negative consequences of alcohol." study author Kent Hutchison stated.

CU Change Lab

Co-directors of CU Change Lab Angela Bryan, Kent Hutchison, Cinnamon Bidwell named "Cannabis Scientists of the Year 2018"

Aug. 31, 2018

CU Center for Health & Addiction: Neuroscience, Genes & Environment (CUChangelab) co-directors were named "Cannabis Scientists of the Year 2018" by The Analytical Scientist, a print and online magazine based in the UK.