Photo of Jacob DeRosa
Graduate Student Research Assistant • Combined PhD
Institute of Cognitive Science • Psychology & Neuroscience • Banich Lab

Muenzinger D444

Research Interests: 

Broadly, my research seeks to integrate machine learning and graph theory approaches with multi-modal imaging and behavioral data. In my lab, I am working on two different domains of work. The first project is investigating the mechanisms and neural systems that afford us the possibility to actively remove information from working memory. Right now, I have identified four key neural systems that reveal distinct multivariate neural patterns when one maintains, replaces, suppresses, or clears their mind completely of information in working memory. These neural systems show promise for guiding future investigations of the specific mechanisms that afford one the possibility of removing unwanted information from the contents of WM. Importantly, they provide the opportunity to examine finer grain approaches for individual differences in cognitive control between neurotypical, neurodevelopmental disorder, and psychiatric populations.

The second line of research I am working on is developing data-driven subtypes of functional brain organization across childhood into early adulthood. Preliminary results utilizing the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study show promise for enhancing our understanding of how distinct functional organization profiles relate to cognitive and executive functioning as well as behavior. I am passionate about childhood/adolescent development and mental health and hope that my work will have meaningful contributions toward bettering children’s lives.