Photo of Frederik Bergmann
Professional Research Assistant
Institute of Cognitive Science • Benoit Lab

I completed my PhD in the UK, where I worked at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge with Mike Anderson. In my PhD work I used fMRI and multivariate methods to understand the attentional mechanisms that underlie those moments when we experience the intrusion of unwanted memories. After my PhD I was very fortunate to be able to continue this research with Prof Roland Benoit when I joined the Adaptive Memory Lab in Spring, which at the time was still located at the Max-Planck Institute for Human and Cognitive Neuroscience in Leipzig, Germany. As the lab relocated to Boulder, I followed along and, as of September 2023, I am working here as a professional research assistant.

I am interested in understanding how our brain suppresses and transforms memories and how memory interplays with attention, learning, and emotion regulation. I also have a keen interest in how large language models can assist experimental psychologists, particularly in the generation, validation and selection of the optimal words and pictures for our experiments.